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A HD/2D version of the game "Rocket League". Pretty much soccer with rocket-powered vehicles.

This HD edition has some unique changes compared to the regular version, such as:

- Rain toggle in the menu (!)
- No customization (everybody gets the van & flower boost).
- 1v1 against AI, only.
- No DRM!
- F2P.
- No internet connection needed = no laggy servers.
- Unlimited boost.
- A match lasts only 2 minutes!

(as of v1.01):

- Lifelike chatspam!
- KBM support!


Install instructions

This game requires 1 XInput capable controller in order to work properly, it is NOT playable with keyboard & mouse.

Update: Version 1.01 now works with KBM!

Installation guide:

- Download the .zip and extract in a folder of your choice.
- Start "RocketLeagueHD.exe".
- Play.

Left Analog stick (Up & Down) controls rotation.
(B) for boost.
(A) for jump.
(Y) toggles ballcam.
Right trigger for forwards.
Left trigger for reverse.


LMB for boost.
RMB for jump.
Space toggles ballcam.
D for forwards.
A for reverse.
W&S for rotation.


RocketLeagueHD1.01.zip 12 MB

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